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  1. Thank you for taking the time to browse the ‘David Price Pest Management’ website. As a professional, experienced, pest technician, David Price, can offer you a reliable, tailor-made pest control service for your home or to suit your particular business. 01905 780814
  2. For some types of businesses, pest control is a legal requirement* due to food preparation or food product storage for both human and animal consumption, as rodents and insects are easily attracted to such premises.  LEARN MORE...
  3. Environmental Health Officers look for any evidence of pest activity in your workplace and will want to know what preventative measures you have in place. They will act on any pest activity found and your reputation could be damaged. This is why pest control management is so important.  LEARN MORE... 
  4. David Price Pest Management will put in place tailored pest prevention measures that will keep your business protected. Tailored Contracts - One Off Treatments - Free Survey - Free Quote - Free Advice - Professional Service. MOBILE: 07813 114862

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David Price Pest Management (www.worcesterpestcontrol.co.uk), now in our ‘twentieth’ and very successful year in the industry. We would like to say thank you to all our customers for their loyal support, making us (we believe), the best Pest Control company in the region.   MORE...


Spring will soon be with us and wasps will start building their nests. We would not advise anyone to attempt destroying or removing a nest. Wasp venom can be life threatening to certain susceptible individuals who are allergic. Wasps my attack in groups and 30 stings or more can be deadly even to those who are not allergic.   MORE...


Renting? Is your property in disrepair? Infested with pests or vermin? Who is responsible to rectify the situation? In what circumstances is your landlord responsible, whether the local authority can help, and what to do if you need help finding the right Pest Control Company.   MORE...