Ant Infestation?

Ants (Ants in your pants - read on…..)
You’ve got the problem! We’ve got the solution.



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  1. An ant’s nest - The old saying - ant’s in your pants, can be quite true and a very unpleasant experience. We offer a safe & convenient ant nest treatment that will clear your ant problem fast: 01905-780814 or 07813 114862
  2. Protect yourself and your family - An ant sting can be a painful experience but they do not transmit any serious diseases. In general ants are a nuisance rather than a destructive pest. Nevertheless, Pharaoh’s ants can transmit harmful germs, if in doubt contact your local pest control operator - in this case, David Price Pest Management!
  3. Handling ants - Surface ants can easily be tackled by the budding DIY pest exterminator with a proprietor powder, spray or bait. Ants nests are a little harder to deal with and again this is where a professional pest control operator comes into his own, with knowledge and experience in the most effective treatment.
  4. Warning! - Ants can invade your house in vast numbers, especially if there is an ample supply of sweet foods for them like sugar and jams.