Bird Infestation?

Birds (No! Not the sort of birds you’re thinking of. Behave!)
You’ve got the problem! We’ve got the solution.



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  1. Bird nuisance - Our 24 hour bird control call out service offers professional, discreet solutions to solve your bird problem swiftly and effectively: 01905-780814 or 07813 114862
  2. What to look for - Pigeons can cause a lot of damage and mess and carry lots of diseases, also many unwanted pests can travel from their nests into buildings.
  3. Pest removal - Don’t let nuisance birds get out of hand because they could harm your health, property or business. They carry diseases that make us very ill, insects breed on and around them, and their nests and mess block gutters and damage roofs and chimneys. And, to complicate matters, all birds and their nests are protected by law.
  4. Your business and government legislation - Failure to comply with legislation is an offence, including Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974) and Food Safety Act (1990)